Remote Usage

The PhoneGap remote commands are used for executing commands against the PhoneGap Build service in the cloud rather than relying on a locally installed SDK for each platform.


phonegap remote [command]

Use the commands below in conjunction with the remote command to perform the specific actions outlined below.


login                login to PhoneGap Build (requires an account and your credentials)
logout               logout of PhoneGap Build
build <platform>     build a specific platform
install <platform>   install a specific platform (returns a generated QR code in the terminal)
run <platform>       build and install a specific platform


$ phonegap remote login
$ phonegap remote build ios
$ phonegap remote install android
$ phonegap remote run ios
$ phonegap remote logout
**NOTE:** You'll need to have an existing PhoneGap Build account to use these commands. You'll be prompted to enter your credentials after running the `$ phonegap remote login` command. An Adobe ID can be used as well.
**TIP:** The `phonegap remote run` command will execute both the `build` and `install` commands automatically and is the quickest path to building your app with the PhoneGap Build cloud service. The result is a QR code that can be scanned by your mobile device directly from the terminal to install the app.
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