Push Notifications

The push command is used to send push notifications for the PhoneGap Developer app to consume. Available since version 6.2.0.


phonegap push [options]


Some options are available for specifically setting the device to send to, the type of service to use and the data to send to the application.

--deviceID <deviceID>   device ID (required)
--service <service>     target service, "gcm", "apns" or "apns-sandbox" (required)
--payload <data>        JSON object to be sent via push service (required)


$ phonegap push --deviceID APA91bE1MmeTc92igNoi5OkDWUV --service gcm --payload '{ "data": { "title": "Hello", "message": "World"} }'
$ phonegap push --deviceID APA91bE1MmeTc92igNoi5OkDWUV --service apns --payload '{ "aps": { "alert": "Hello World", "badge": 5 } }'
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