Preview an App

The PhoneGap Developer app is used to preview apps on your devices without the need for SDK's or compiling code. It's paired with your PhoneGap app being served by either the PhoneGap Desktop or the PhoneGap CLI on your local webserver.

The following steps can be taken to preview your apps on your mobile device using the PhoneGap Developer app.

Double check to ensure you're running your device and computer on the same network before continuing.


  1. From your computer, serve the app you want to preview on your mobile device using either PhoneGap Desktop or the PhoneGap CLI and note the IP address.

  2. Open the PhoneGap Developer app installed on your mobile device, enter the IP address noted above and tap Connect.

    **NOTE:** Tap directly on the server address displayed in the terminal screen of the PhoneGap Developer app and change it to yours. The value filled in by default is only a sample.
    PhoneGap Developer App, iOS
  3. You should see status messages that the app is being DOWNLOADED and EXTRACTED followed by a SUCCESS message. If you receive an error of any kind, double check to make sure you are connected to the same network on both your device and computer. Check the issue tracker or PhoneGap Google Groups list for further help.

    Developer App, connection success
  4. Once the PhoneGap Developer app connects to the IP address where your project is being served, it will load and display your application as shown below:

    Developer App, preview

Video Example

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