Step 3: Create Your App

Now that you've installed PhoneGap Desktop and/or the PhoneGap CLI

Create Default PhoneGap Project

The PhoneGap CLI has a default Hello World project for beginners to start with. It's proven to be the quickest and easiest way to understand the basics of building a mobile PhoneGap app so let's start by creating the default project with the CLI.

  1. Enter the following command from your terminal:

    $ phonegap create myApp

    This will create a folder named myApp in the current path location with a default project name of Hello World and id of com.phonegap.helloworld.

    You can also specify a name and identifier to ensure the project is unique but still contains the default Hello World code project by specifying them as qualified parameters as shown below:

    $ phonegap create myApp --id "org.myapp.sample" --name "appSample"
    **TIP:** Each of the `create` command options is documented in the help text and can be accessed with `$ phonegap create help`. To access general help from the CLI, type `-h` or `help` with any command.
  2. Verify that you see the following output in your console after you run the command:

    Creating a new cordova project.
  3. Change into the new project directory with the cd command:

    $ cd myApp/
  4. Check to be sure you see the following set of files and folders shown below:

    config.xml    hooks    platforms    plugins    www
  5. cd into the www folder and look around at the files and subfolders in there, this is the content of your app, with the entry point being the index.html file.

    $ cd www/
    **TIP:** Details about the rest of the files and folders created in the root project will be covered in guides further along. For now just focus on the ***www*** folder and its contents.
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