Project Settings for Android

Project Settings for Android

The config.xml settings file controls various settings of Cordova. This is application wide, and not set per CordovaWebView Instance.


Various other preferences (as <preference> tags) default on not breaking existing apps. The available preferences are:

  1. useBrowserHistory (boolean, defaults to true) - set to false if you want to use the history shim that was used to work around the hashtag error present in Android 3.x prior to the history fix. (Note: This setting will be deprecated in April 2013)
  2. loadingDialog - Display a native loading dialog when loading the app. Format for the value is "Title, Message"
  3. loadingPageDialog - Display a native loading dialog when loading sub-pages. Format for the value is "Title, Message"
  4. errorUrl - Set the error page for your application. Should be located in your Android project in file://android_asset/www/
  5. backgroundColor - Set the background color for your application. Supports a four-byte hex value, with the first byte representing alpha value, and the following three bytes with standard RGB values. (i.e. 0x00000000 = Black)
  6. loadUrlTimeoutValue - How much time Cordova should wait before throwing a timeout error on the application.
  7. keepRunning (boolean, defaults to true) - Determines whether Cordova will keep running in the background or not
  8. splashscreen - The name of the file minus its extension in the res/drawable directory. If you have multiple assets, they all must share this common name in their respective directories.


Android supports using <feature> as analogues to <plugin> elements.